Our expandable folding structures can easily fit next to your home or expand your business.

Main advantage of these buildings is that you can extend your house peacemeal, starting with a single folding and then adding units one by one. Their expansion in levels can reach up to 3 floors while on flat ground you can add as many units as you want.

Detachable buildings are a new arrival in the field of prefabricated buildings. The constructions are configured as the costumer desires, such as two-level apartments with internal and external stairs, verandas and many other special features.

They stand out for their flexible installation, does not require specialized tools to set them up and they serve various purposes such as housing an office or storing items.

The expandable houses are 15 s.qm and can reach up to as many square meters  as required. We recommend this type of construction because you can build a large building in individual steps.

They can freely be moved in a very short time and can be stored compactly when not needed. They are suitable for construction areas, for staff accommodation or as a storage space.

The main characteristics of detachable buildings is the security they provide and their great resistance over time to different weather conditions.

They are painted with electrostatic powder method which protects the material against corrosion, does not tarnish the construction and as a result its colour preserves longer.