We have wooden playgrounds for kindergartens, nurseries, playgrounds or even the yard of your home. Wooden towers, swings, slides and playground toys.

While outdoor spaces can be places of relaxation and tranquillity for adults, for children they are places of action, energy and endless playtime.

Whether it’s the outside of your home or business, you’ll find swings, slides, climbing towers, wooden playhouses and many more wooden structures to create a space exactly as you’ve imagined it and they deserve it.

The flexible design of our structures combined with the available accessory boxes allow you to add extra pieces as the number of children grows or the activity in your business increases.

The wood used, although treated, is perfectly safe even if it comes into contact with the child’s mouth. In addition, all our ranges are accompanied by quality and safety certifications as defined by Greek and European legislation.

Finally, all structures are made of infused Scandinavian timber of excellent quality and exceptional resistance to external environmental conditions and the wear and tear of time and use.

t according to the ISO-9001 standard. Only selected Scandinavian timber is used for all wooden houses, the flexibility of which makes it ideal to be used in construction.

Scandinavian timber grows slowly in the colder regions of Northern Europe and is characterised by reliability in construction, longevity, structural strength and aesthetic appearance. All these natural advantages are enhanced by treatment that gives the wood even greater resistance to deterioration factors.

Whether you’re looking for a place to spend your sunny afternoons, a space that will make your guests want to spend even more time in your home, or simply a place where all your garden tools can be protected from the weather, now it’s easier than ever to get it.